Tis the Season



There are three different ornaments available for order in my Etsy shop for this upcoming holiday season. There are also some t-shirts in limited sizes, and a few pins. Everything will be available ready to ship or made to order depending on the item, until mid-December.

I’m keeping it to a minimum this year while I come up with some new work, and figure out what’s next. What you see from me in the new year will likely be a lot different. There may not be any ornaments or cutesy pins and things of the like for a while. I’m just ready to move forward with my work, so we’ll see where that leads. I’m looking forward to sharing some new things!



Here we are in October, and I’m just writing my first post here. I love the idea of blogging, but I seem to get very shy about it when it comes to actually doing it. However, I do feel like this space is something I want to bring to life, so I’m determined to try. The first post has been a struggle to come up with because I wanted to make sure it would be really worthwhile and honest, and I just wasn’t feeling inspired to write it for the past few months. Since the beginning of Summer, I have felt I and my work have been in transition. I got rid of my old website which basically just served as another place to sell stuff. Then I created this blog in it’s place, because I was longing for somewhere to share creativity, process, inspiration and maybe sometimes just life. Something with more substance. Less about selling, more about creating.

Once in a while I find these thoughts pop up telling me I could and should be creating work with more depth and meaning. And maybe that is what’s next, who knows. Then I bounce back and remember to recognize the value in what I have accomplished so far. As artists, I think we all go through a moment every now and then where we feel like a fraud. Self doubt is a real struggle for most of us, and the old adage rings very true; we are are own worst critics.

I’m aware my work is simplistic, and cute, and quirky. I love that about it. Then there are times I wish I could just escape the cute to be honest. It seems to show up in everything I make whether I intend for it to be there or not. But that’s my heart in those things, and I guess that’s a good thing if that’s coming through in what I create. Am I capable of more? Yes, I think so. That’s actually a really exciting thing to recognize. Does that mean that what I have made so far isn’t enough? No, I don’t think so. It just means that there’s some growth happening. I’m not sure where that will lead, but I am sure I want to keep creating and doing so from an honest place. So I’m going to put one foot in front of the other and keep on making stuff.

My next step is a holiday market at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon. I’ll be there Fri. Oct. 14th 4-10, and Sat. Oct. 15th 10-5. Today as I go to represent many months of hard work with my own two hands, I’ll do it with the knowledge that this work is valuable and meaningful at every stage of my journey as an artist. I will go into this next phase with a deep love and appreciation for what I’ve created so far, and an open mind and heart for what will come next.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a musician I love. I was listening to an interview where she was talking about her own music, and made note of what she said because it resonated with me so much:

“It is simplistic, but sweet and interesting, and different and intelligent. And I think if someone really took the time they would see that.” – Ingrid Michaelson

If you create stuff, anything at all – don’t lose sight of how valuable it is. It’s yours, and its perfect. Thanks for reading!